Free WordPress Installation Service

Free WordPress Installation Service and consultation are exclusive for all who are looking to start their own blog or want to migrate there free blog from or to a self-hosted WordPress blog.

In my three years online career I have learned a lot and guided lots of new bloggers and website owner to install scripts, blogs or forums on web servers, and from past one year I have been designing Skins for Thesis WordPress theme.

In recent time I have already done a good number of  Server migrations and WordPress Installations for few of my family members, friends, and online friends.  I believe there are many other new and experienced bloggers and entrepreneur still unaware of the scripts installations.

There are many websites and blogs offerings this services at a certain cost.  But I am offering this awesome service free of cost.

We will install and set up your WordPress blog for free of cost and also install and configure only required plugins according to your requirement to enhance the blog for better performance like:

  • All In One SEO
  • W3 Total Cache
  • Antivirus
  • JetPack
  • Domain Webmaster Verification on Major Search Engine like Google & Bing.
  • Google SiteMap
  • Top Commentators
  • Affiliate Cloaking
  • Akismet

CDN (Content Delivery Network) Setup

We will also configure free CDN for faster content delivery in all web servers across the globe for faster content distribution and better Search Engine ranking.
CloudFlare Setup

Last but not the least we will setup CloudFlare Service on your blog for better performance and protection, that will supercharge your blog for faster loading and search engine ranking.
Why Free and what’s is the Catch?

Well, we are totally here to help you – And that’s all for free, just because I never got any such services where somebody installs my blog on the host even if I pay.

We have a completely dedicated team of experts in the field of WordPress and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) will do the installation part completely free of cost to get your blogging career or online business at the right foot.

Every self-hosted blog requires a web hosting services. But choosing the right host is really very difficult job with so many web hosting companies opening every day and it is really very hard to predict on their reliability. HostGator is the Web hosting provider serving millions of business and bloggers around the world.

The main catch of this service is “There Is No Catch“, we are providing this free service completely free, but you have to purchase hosting from HostGator since they are sponsoring us to do the job.

You can use this link to order your WordPress Hosting from HostGator

Once purchased your web hosting from HostGator, just contact us using your details to [email protected] and we will contact you ASAP


Everyone has there owned taste and views of their website and blog, but they feel stuck what will be the right choice for them to get started. I am also offering WordPress Consultation Service Free with WordPress Installation Service where not only you get benefited with this service but also you will save more money on your investments.

Note: Free WordPress Installation Service is an exclusive premium service which is offered for free only at, so here is your chance to get this Free WordPress Installation Service from me personally.

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