6 Best Free Blogging Platforms Not To Be Ignored

6 Best Free Blogging Platforms Not To Be Ignored

There are huge amount of free and paid blogging platforms, in this article I will share my favorite 6 Ad free blogging platform which I use.

If you are just getting started with blogging I would recommend first read What is Blogging? How to start a blog?

Before starting your blogging career, One thing is very important is that, you are required to invest a little money on buying a domain name. Well I am not going to go in details, but for sure it will help you a lot. However the only limitation using this gta 5 cheats codes platforms is that you have no control on your blog address and you will be at the mercy of our blog host. Means they can delete your free blog without any prior notice, if found anything against there TOS.

Here is a list of my favorite free blogging platform.

1. Blogger


If we are talking about free blogging platform, Blogger.com(BlogSpot) is the ideal place to get started. Most of the pro bloggers had started there blogging career with blogger.com.

Blogger.com is owned by search engine giant Google, which is very powerful and most popular blogging platform today being used. Currently Blogger.com is available in 41 languages.

2. WordPress.com


WordPress.com is the most powerful and used free service after Blogger.com owned by automattic.com. Well WordPress.com provide’s similar flavor of WordPress.org Opensource CMS, but with some limitations.

3. Tumblr


Tumblr is one of the fasting growing and most viral micro-blogging platform and social networking website present today, founded by a teenager David Karp in 2007 owned by Yahoo! Inc.

Tumblr provides you everything to make your images look visually appealing and you can gta 5 cheats show images, videos and music in anyway you want with many unique feature by which you can standout in the crowd.

4. Medium


Medium gives you a simple, beautiful, collaborative yet powerful platform which help you find right audience. Founded by Twitter’s co-founders Ev Williams and Bix Stone, which also provides a social layer, allows users to edit and annotate other people work.

There is nothing to set up or customize. When you write on Medium, you’ll know that your words and pictures will look great on any device; they’ll automatically adjust to the latest technology and even get better over times



eduBlogs is a niche blogging platform, its a perfect place for education related blogs. Like WordPress.com, eduBlogs also share the same WordPress.org opensource Content Management Software. You can create a blog as a student, teacher or as an institution free of cost.

6. Svbtle


Svbtle is just a simple writing and reading network designed to help you curate thoughts and stories, to work on them slowly, and publish when its ready.

The dashboard is designed to work like your brain, and encourages you to dump ideas, links and thoughts into flow or draft posts.


Here is my small list of free blogging platform, and in fact there are many available, well Blogger.com and WordPress.com are the best blogging platform available today. However they are perfect platform for any newbie who is just getting started, and also it is also very helpful for bloggers for building backlinks and authority for their existing blogs or website.

I would invite you to share your favorite blogging platform via our commenting section below.

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