Learning a skill in this internet world is most important. But to learn a skill you don’t need to go for any institution and no need to pay huge fees to learn any skills. Believe me you won’t even learn a 25% of this skills in any institute, most of the institute are there to make money only and not to teach you any skills.

Internet is loaded with loads of quality tutorials and teach yourself skills. In this article I will list 10 best resources to learn HTML 5 which is most used computer language for building Website or web pages.

Self Learning HTML 5 is not hard for any beginner, with all these resources listed below will help anyone to learn HTML 5 from scratch to become an expert.

If you are getting started with Web design and development we have an excellent tutorial on how to Install WAMP Servers in Windows PC

List of  Online Resources to Learn HTML5:

1. W3Schools HTML5 Tutorial

W3Schools.com was the first place when I started to learn and it is one the amazing and top website for web related programming languages. The lesson are drafted from basic to advanced that makes Learning html 5 for beginners pretty easy and HTML 5 references which helps in clearing any doubts

2. HTML5 doctor


HTML5Doctor was started in 2009 by Rich Clart, Steve Faulkner, Bruce Lawson, Remy Sharp, Oli Studholme and Ian Devlin, where you will find articles on everything you might need.

One of the main feature of HTML5Doctor is, it encourages you to ask question via Ask the Doctor, which will be answered in future articles.

3. HTML5 for Web Designers


HTML5 for Web Designer is not a free resource, but it is available for just $9 a brilliant and entertaining user guide.

A web developer Jeremy Keith has taken HTML5 spec a 900 pages hard to read and created a much more user friendly 85 pages version, which cuts to the chase, with crisp, clear, practical examples, and his patented twinkle and charm.

 4. Dive InTo HTML5


Dive InTo HTML5

Dive Into HTML5 is yet another quality resource available to learn html5 from sratch and best to learn html5.  This HTML5 online course was created by Mark Pilgrim to really get a grip with the basic of HTML5 like the semantics of new elements, local storage, playing video without Flash, manulating browser history, offline apps and much more.

5. HTML5 Rocks


HTML5 Rocks is a good resource for experienced web HTML5 developers, looking to put HTML5 to use today, including information on specific features and when to use them in the apps. It also offers plenty of like HTML5 Step by Step Tutorials, Interactive presentation, Sample Studio with readily usable HTML5 contents and Code Playground.

If you looking to enhance your HTML5 Skills then HTML5Rocks will be a all time best resource.

6. Introduction to HTML5 From Mozilla

Introduction to HTML5

Mozilla’s Introduction to HTML5 will be a idea place to learn html5 online If you are just getting started. It has in-depth section on HTML5 fundamentals, and reference section which will help in pointing you other useful HTML5 online resources.

Mozilla Developers Network also provides HTML5 tutorials on create Mozilla themes, extensions, frameworks, applications and technologies.

7. HTML5 Please


HTML5 Please is an fantastic HTML5 tool, encouraging web designer and developers to “use the new and shiny responsibly”. HTML5Please is project started by the web guru like Paul Irish, Divya Manian, Tim Branyen, Connor Montgomery, Brain Blakely, Addy Osmani, Deepak and many more.

If you are advanced web developer or just getting started with HTML5, then HTML please is be the best resource backed up by highly professional experts.

8. HTML5 for Beginners


HTML5 Tutorials is yet another resource if your just getting started in HTML5 and provide a platform for those who want to edit and write HTML code by hand, which is very similar to w3schools.com.

It is best to know how the nuts and bolts of a webpage fit and work together gives you the means to utilize HTML5 to its full potential.

9. HTML5 Cheat Sheet


Smashing Magazine has released a hand printable HTML5 cheat, a HTML5 PDF version which lists all currently supported tags, Information, Support HTML version and attributes.

10. Getting Started with HTML5 from Geek Champ


Geek champ has a series of HTML5 Tutorials contains 19 getting started lessons to master the basics of HTML5 with a quick HTML5 reference quide and aims to help developers to get started in building HTML5 apps quickly.

I have give my best in providing the best and very useful resources for any beginner to start learning HTML5 online. It is not limited but there are more and more tutorials website out there. In my next article I will list few videos tutorials website to learn HTML5 online.

What is your favorite resource that you use in your web development process, do mention in the comments section below.

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