In my previous post I shared 10 best resources to learn HTML5 online, today I  going to share 4 best  HTML5 Video Lesson online for those who don’t like reading.  All these website provide high quality video content and easy to understand ,  If you are getting started or already a experienced developer, these resources will enhance your current skill set the right way.

These are my favorite website which I use when I want to learn something new, you can always count on learning new skills when its required.  Most of these courses are offer free and premium .  I would recommend you to join the premium courses which is far lesser than any local institution offers in India.

List 9 Resources for HTML5 Video Lessons

1. Udemy


udemy is one on the fasting growing online learning marketplace with 20,000 courses offered by expert instructor in various domains. The course is available on-demand, to help the students to learn at their own pace and on their own time. One of the best thing about udemy is you can watch and learn on your Android and iPhone devices. Get enrolled for HTML5 Video course from scratch for free today.

The HTML5 Video lesson starts with explaining basic HTML tags, Forms and gradually move towards advance topics like Drag and Drop and Multimedia. It as cover the hardest lessons like Geolocation, WebStorage and Application cache. It is an complete HTML5 course for you to get started.

udemy has also become a perfect place for internet markets to make money online.


lynda-html5-video-lessons is a online learning company, which offers courses on various domains to achieve personal and professional goals.

James Williamson the author of HTML5 Frist Look, introduces the newest HTML specification and how it differs from HTML4. You will learn all what is essential to understand HTML5

3. TeamTreeHouse


Team Treehouse is one my favorite online training website, I don’t miss any episode of The Treehouse Show hosted by Jason Siefer and Nick Pettit.

Team Treehouse has every thing there basket from web design and development using various technologies, Business Development and many more. Unlike udemy, Team Treehouse has in-house professional tutors/teacher taking online classes.

If you have to be a professional web designer or developers you don’t need to look any further, team treehouse is a perfect place to be.

4. Microsoft Virtual Academy


Microsoft Virtual Academy(MVA) offers online Microsoft training delivered by experts to help technologist continually learn, with hundreds of courses, in 11 different languages.  MVA is a free of charge service and is hosted on Windows Azure

Microsoft Virtual Academy offers HTML5 and CSS3 programming for absolute beginners, it will walk you through getting the web principals, writing codes and much more.  Each concepts is broken in its own video to focus on the information you need.

5. Learnable


Learnable is an online library of video courses and books for web designers and developers from newbies to pro and makes learning easy, comfortable and fun.

IT was various courses on HTML5 and CSS covered, which provides you with the a solid platform to start your professional career.

6. Pluralsight


Pluralsight is an online academy started in 2004 and offers more than 3000 professional courses with over 600 authors and its growing.

It offer HTML5 from Scratch, a core introduction to the web standard for the beginners. The course covers the HTML5 Introduction, Semantic Markup, forms, Audio and Video, Canvas, Data Storage

7. The Code Player


TheCodePlayer is a new concept to make learning front end technologies easier. Code typed is played back like a video with output rendering making conceptual and process based learning butter-easy.

Learn HTML5 CSS3 and JS in a new way.

8. LearnersTV


LearnersTV is a free website providing thousands of downloadable Video lectures and live online test in various topics. IT has complete HTML5 Video course of 45 videos from basic introduction to Advance HTML5. A good sources to have handy when need or watch  and learn in your free time.

9. YouTube


YouTube the biggest video hosting website and the 2nd largest used search engine in world, which has thousands of HTML5 Video Courses compared to any above website compared.  You can find very highly quality video Tutorials to the lowest to offer and one of the addictive website after facebook.

If you are serious about enhancing your web technologies skills all the above website can help your grow to become an expert, but how far are your going to spend in learn or updating your current skills.

I have given my best to provide your with the sources which offers quality training form the comfort of your home.  If you feel I have missed any of the website which should be considered in this list please feel free to list it in the comment section below.

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