I wish all my Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus friends a happy new year 2015 along with all the new hopes and promises that the New Year would bring also brings us a lot more opportunities to work together.

I am back to blogging after a very long time, well I started my blogging career in the year 2010 – and stopped in the year 2012, since I was busy in family and job. For me blogging brought a new whole dimensions, and in process I learnt a lot.

From past few months I have been investing lot of my time in learning love sayings quotes many things in blogging, traffic, ORM, social media and much more, which I will be sharing here in my blog, but only those with 100% success rate.

My 2015 Resolutions:

Well when I started my blogging career in 2010 I was doing same what all the other tech bloggers were doing, or start a single niche blog, but now I will not be doing the same things what I was doing earlier, rather will be targeting every niche available in a quotes about life different way and will be sharing the here.  These are the following which I need to accomplish this year.

  1. To do full time blogging
  2. To reach the daily traffic of 1000 or more per day.
  3. Build a substantial and decent residential income .
  4. Assist and help at-least 10 people to become successful bloggers.
  5. Like to start my own ORM (Online Reputation Management) company.

I have not set any difficult goal, I know it is achievable, but again start from scratch is little difficult and it will take a while for me to get in to mode.  I would required all your support and assistance in this journey.  I would be starting a closed group in facebook where I would be sending invitation to those who are interested of generating traffic.

Again I wish that the New Year turns out to be a very special one for you filling each day with peak of health, abundance of happiness and sunshine, bountiful luxury and prosperity and Zen like serenity. A very happy new year 2015.

I would encourage you to share your thoughts and what is your 2015 resolutions via our comment section below, see you soon.

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