Having a strong social media presence and user engagement on Facebook or any social media platform is very important for any bloggers or small business owners, to promote your business or brand.  With a survey conduct by The Creative Group over 50% of advertising and marketing executives said they expect companies to increase their investment in Facebook.

If you are looking to improve user engagement on Facebook all you need is to follow 8 Surefire Ways To Increase Engagement Facebook.

You might have noticed that the Facebook have been updating its news feed algorithm. The fact is they are not hiding, but they want to show their earnings from your promotions.

If the News feeds shows your post with no cost, how wonderful it will be? Even though you spend money to promote, your post are not shown on everyone’s News feed.  However don’t think that everyone who “liked” your pages sees your posts.  But it is possible to increase the user engagement strategy to reach more News feed by practicing the following methods.

Urge your fans to come back for more

Many Facebook users post whatever they come across, maybe on the internet or in the day to day life. Even in their business pages people post something that they are interested in, and not the fans interests. If your fans ignore more of your post, probably they will stop coming back to your page or pages. So, you will lose readers for your future posts. So, keep your content fresh and truly engaging to get more people coming back to your pages seeking for more updates or even new engaging topics.

If you keep posting useless or unwanted posts, your fans may start to think that you are spamming them. This may happen even you, post good content more frequently or some may report that you are a spammer. In this case your pages or posts may get blocked. You will lose fans. So, any negative interaction with your fan will bring your page down.

Although you are posting in a nice way, you may be worried that you don’t get enough fans for your business pages. Let’s learn how to increase fans to your business pages. Here you should know about the Face book’s Edge Rank Algorithm.

The Facebook’s Edge Rank Algorithm

Keeping in to consideration, how much you and your fans interact. More interaction between you and your fans is your Facebook page fans actively interacting with you by commenting on your posts, liking and sharing your posts.

This algorithm also looks at the type of interactions. Commenting has more value than liking. So, if your fans comment your pages, encourage them.

User Engagement on Facebook EdgeRank Equation

The algorithm also checks the creation date of the posts. The recent posts got more points than an old post.

Having said that more fans is one of the key to fool the Edge Rank Algorithm. When you have huge fans on your pages, probably you will have more interaction if you are doing things correctly. If so, the algorithm gives more value to your Facebook updates.

Create Posts with Engaging Content

Every time you post on your Facebook page, check the content and ask yourself whether you would see this post if you are one of the fans of the page. Think how you can increase the fans interaction and edit your posts in such a way. You may add links in the posts, but keep in mind that flooding with links is not nice.

Images and questions will increase the user interaction by engaging them to comment with the correct answers. Contest and giveaways are one of the best way of getting new fans and the interaction.

Never forget to reply to the comments left by your fans. This will surely increase the interaction between you and your fans.

Here is an excellent video by Marija Hamed yet very simply and easy to follow on how to increase engagement on Facebook.


What are your methods for user engagement on Facebook feel to share your engagement via our comment section below.

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